Weather and Emergency Alert System Alarm Kit 2

Manufacturer: Krown

Protect Your Family in an Emergency
  • Early warning is your best defense in an emergency
  • Includes AM/FM radio, alarm clock and snooze
  • Color coded alert lights and powerful alert tone
  • Jack for optional strobe light/pillow vibrator for the Deaf
  • Complete alarm kit and case are included

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Early warning is your best defense in an emergency The WR-300 Weather Monitor System monitors the NOAA Emergency Broadcast System 24/7, so you get immediate notification of threatening weather or civil emergencies. Includes AM/FM radio with an alarm clock and snooze. Multi-purpose use; great for any room in your home or office. In addition to weather announcements, you'll receive other emergency announcements such as: child abduction emergency (Amber Alert), immediate evacuation, hazardous material warning, local area emergency, biological hazard warning, civil emergency message, contagious disease warning, emergency action notification, civil danger warning, food contamination warning, industrial fire warning, power plant warning, and special marine warning. In addition to these life-saving announcements, this clock has many other useful features: emergency battery backup (AA batteries, not included), Instant local weather, color coded alert lights, a powerful alert tone (90 dB), accessory jack for optional strobe light or pillow vibrator, external antenna jack for optional external antenna, and easy setup. ALARM MONITORING KIT: Connect all existing alarm devices in your dwelling with the wireless link system. Covers a broad area and displays up to three alarm channels. Using a bright 17,000mCd strobe light, a loud speaker, and a strong bed shaker, the KA300 system is clearly the best choice for monitoring the alarm system in a building. Built in Time Condition signal filter to keep the alarm from accidentally sending a false alarm. It's the first flexible alarm monitor system on the market designed to fit a small, medium-to-large scale building. With battery backup, the system will work even in a power blackout. Easy to set up and install in a small residential, dormitory, apartment, motel and hotel. Works great with the Weather Monitor

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