Walters Low Vision Monocular MAC Kit for Vision Professionals

Manufacturer: Walters Low Vision Optics

Portable diagnostic kit for vision professionals
  • Designed for easy access and portability
  • Professional kit includes rugged case (attache-type)
  • Several monoculars and monocular accessories included

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The Walters Low Vision Monocular "MAC" Kit for Vision Professionals is designed for easy access and portability. Housed in a rugged case (attache-type), this Walters Professional Kit provides a variety of implements that enables the service provider to work with the low vision patient in determining the best equipment to meet the individual needs of that patient.

The Walters Low Vision Monocular "MAC" Kit for Vision Professionals contains the following monoculars and monocular accessories:

Monoculars Included:
- 3.25x25 Monocular
- 4x12 Monocular
- 6.3x25 Monocular
- 8x30 R Monocular
- 8x32 Monocular
- 5x30 W/P Monocular
- 8x50 Monocular

Monocular Accessories and Other Items Included:
- 3.15x25 Spectacle Binocular
- Finger Ring
- Hand Grip
- Short Eye Cup
- Close-up Adapter for 5 x 30 W/P
- 5.5 D Lens for 5 x 30 W/P
- 2.0 D Lens for 5 x 30 W/P
- 1 pair of Lock Rings

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