Vivitar Desktop Air Purifier

Manufacturer: Vivitar

Clean air where you need it!
  • Eliminates odor, pollution, and contaminants
  • No filters required
  • Provides a healthier living and work environment
  • Power-saving
  • Ultra-quiet operation with two purification modes

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This Space-saving Desktop Air Purifier is 12 inches tall and has an ultra-quiet operation, utilizing efficient power saving even with continuous use. Whisper mode uses negative ions to trap pollution and contaminants while releasing clean, healthy air. Turbo mode eliminates strong odors quickly, using the built-in fan to increase air circulation. The built-in filter never needs to be replaced. Purifying air coverage up to 300 square feet. Ideal for any room in the house, bedroom, or office. Package contains desktop air purifier, AC adapter, user manual, and a one year warranty.

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