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Vibra-Call 3 Receiver with Bed Shaker - 418 MHz

Get Alerted to Visitors, Calls & Emergencies

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  • Personal alert you keep clipped to your clothes/belt
  • Alerts to phone, doorbell, smoke alarm, baby monitor, etc.
  • Receives signal from connected transmitters (not incl.)
  • Works with Signature Series 418 MHz transmitters
  • Incl. charging dock, bed vibrator & carry pouch
A new generation of alerting systems with increased range, outstanding features, and fresh, elegant styling! The Silent Call Vibra-Call 3 Body Worn 418 MHz Receiver quickly alerts you to visitors, calls, and emergencies. The alerting device features a portable design that allows the user to be fully aware in their home without missing out on life. When a signal is received, the Vibra-Call 3 will emit distinctive pulse vibrations indicating which transmitter sent the signal. The Vibra-Call 3 works with all 418 MHz Signature Series Silent Call transmitters and includes many new features. This alerting system will monitor your telephone, smoke detector, doorbell, sound monitor, weather alert system and other Silent Call Signature Series 418 MHz transmitters. IMPORTANT NOTE: This unit will not work on its own. It is used as part of an alerting system that requires at least one transmitter (not included).

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