Upwards Game - Braille version - Modified by MaxiAids

Manufacturer: Modified by MaxiAids

The higher you stack, the higher you score
  • Build new words with this 3-dimensional game
  • Stack letters to change an existing word into a new word
  • Build in 3 directions; across, down and up
  • Stack up to 5 tiles high
  • This item had been Modified for the Blind by MaxiAids

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You and your opponents spell words with stackable letter tiles on the special gameboard to score points. Build words by playing letters across or down the board and by stacking letters on top of other letters already on the board to form different words. Score points for each letter in your word and every letter tile under each letter of your word. Letters can be stacked five tiles high so your score can really add up fast.
It's this 3-dimensional gameplay that makes Upwords so unique and challenging to play. For 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Modified Braille version by MaxiAids.

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