Unistik 3 Pre-Set Single Use Safety Lancets- 50-pack

Manufacturer: Owen Mumford

Safe, easy, and comfortable blood sampling
  • Pre-loaded stainless steel lancet
  • For accurate, pain-free blood sampling
  • Normal size— for blood glucose testing
  • 23 gauge; 1.8mm depth
  • Package of 50

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Blood sampling made easy! Just twist the cap to unlock, place against your finger, and press the release button. Diabetics can enjoy safe, comfortable, and simple blood glucose testing with Unistik 3 Pre-Set Single Use Safety Lancets.

The Unistik 3 comes pre-set and ready for use. The needle point is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid accidental needlesticks and cross infection. The pre-loaded stainless steel lancet penetrates the skin to precisely the right depth.

The Unistik 3 features the Comfort Zone system— a series of 8 dots that when pressed against the skin sends a comforting message to the brain, providing a distraction that makes sampling virtually pain-free. A side activation button increases patient comfort by reducing the amount of pressure placed on the test site.

Normal: (Yellow Colored Body)— Medium blood flow for standard blood glucose testing
Gauge: 23G
Depth: 1.8mm
Package size: 50-count

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