SKU 608556
Manufacturer UltraOptix
Length 3.50 in
Width 0.13 in
Height 2.25 in

UltraOptix Letter Opener with 2x Magnifier - Two Per Pack

A Two-In-One Opening-Magnifying Tool

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  • Two per pack
  • Blade is deeply inserted for safety
  • 2x Magnifier is always on hand for reading letters
  • Limited lifetime warranty
For quick, clean cutting letter opening and magnifying. The high-power, optical quality 2x lens is unbreakable and scratch-resistant. So handy to store in desk drawers for fast letter opening and instant magnification without reaching for another tool. It's the perfect compact magnifier for reading small type. Each package has two letter openers; use one at home and take the other to school or the office Includes limited lifetime warranty.
Type Non-Illuminated

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