Ultima Electronic Magnifier and Reading Machine- DEMO

Manufacturer: Guerilla Technologies

Magnifies documents up to 18x and reads text aloud
  • Magnifies text and photos up to 18x
  • Scans and reads text aloud to you
  • Identifies currency denominations
  • Touch screen and keypad navigation
  • Includes 17-inch monitor

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Loaded with features yet simple to use, Ultima is the most advanced and accurate electronic magnifier and text-to-speech reader available today It magnifies print and photos up to 18x, scans, reads text aloud with an impressive 99 percent accuracy, and even identifies US currency. Plus, with both a touch screen and keypad controls, navigation couldn't be easier.

Magnification mode:
In magnification mode, you can use the touch screen to zoom in (increase magnification) or pan (move around the document or photo) to examine it more closely. By simply touching the lower right part of the screen, you can then resume the original size view.

You may magnify the image size anywhere from 2x up to 18x and adjust the brightness. You may also choose from multiple combinations of text and background colors for optimum contrast and superior image clarity. Customize the view to your ideal comfort and preference

Reading mode:
In the reading mode, Ultima uses the highest quality text-to-speech technology to read text aloud with an accuracy rate of 99 percent. It can even identify US currency.

With Ultima, you can pause the reading process at any point (for example, to answer a ringing phone) and resume again when you are ready to continue. If you have to go out, you can pick up where you left off without having to hear the entire document read back to you again. You can also choose from different voices (male or female) and adjust the reading speed faster or slower as is necessary to suit your specific needs.

As this machine allows the user to highlight the section of text in their choice of color at the same time it's being read, it can also be used as a helpful educational tool, allowing the learning disabled to follow along and connect verbal and written cues.

General features:
— Comes standard with a 17-inch monitor
— Touch screen navigation
— Simple 4-button keypad
— Scanner bed fits up to an 8.5 x 11 sheet
— Weighs 7-lbs. (including the monitor)
— 60 Day Limited Warranty
— Lifetime Free Software Upgrades (ex. accommodating any future changes in US currency)

— Windows XP or Windows 7
— SD, MMC, MS, or XD card reader
— Ram: 1Gb
— Memory: 1Gb
— Wi-Fi
— Bluetooth compatible

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