Transmatter Combination with Pager and Charger

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Great for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care

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This alerting device set combines 2 components into a system that alerts you via a pager when someone activates transmitter placed in a floor mat (aka transmatter). Great for peace of mind in caring for an elderly loved one at home or for use in nursing homes, assisted care facilities, hospitals, etc. -- Alerting System Components: The transmatter is a pressure-activated transmitter that is activated by stepping on the mat. Place transmatter in any room by bed, door or any place you want to be alerted when someone is leaving or entering a room, getting out of the bed, walking out the front door, etc. May be used in nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, residential homes, loud businesses and even your own home. You can even be alerted to someone who is in a wheelchair leaving or entering a room. Up to 100 ft operating range. Mat has a 90-day mfg warranty and the transmitter has a 5 yr mfg warranty. NOTE: Do not secure mat with metal fasteners, as it will cause interference. For indoor use only and may be placed under carpets, area rugs and even use as a decorative doormat.

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