Tovolo Scoop Mess Free One Touch for Living Easier

Manufacturer: Tovolo

For perfect cupcakes, apple sauce, fudge, and more
  • Silicone plunger scrapes the scoop clean as it dispenses
  • Curved front dispenses batter directly into the pan
  • Measures the same amount every time so food bakes evenly
  • Dishwasher safe, food-safe, and BPA-free
  • Ideal for visually impaired users

SKU: 814344
Length: 8.00 in
Width: 2.38 in
Height: 1.00 in
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Our Price: $9.75
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Our Tovolo Scoop is the easiest and most mess-free way to fill cupcake pans and liners. Just scoop the batter and then place the curved end over your pan to dispense the perfect amount every time. The curved edge fits inside a standard cupcake or muffin tin. The silicone plunger keeps fingers clean. Ideal for apple sauce, fudge, pancake batter, and more, this is a one-touch, mess-free way of measuring the same amount so your food bakes evenly.

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