Touring: The Original Auto Race Game

Manufacturer: Distributed by MaxiAids

Be the first one to complete your trip!
  • Classic racing card game
  • Bright, colorful cards make play even more fun
  • Recommended for players ages 7 and up
  • For 2-6 players
  • Comes with 110 cards and instruction manual

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This racing card game is fun for the whole family! Each bright, colorful card is made of sturdy cardstock so you can play again and again.
How to play: Each player receives 5 cards. Once they are able to play a "Go!" card, they can begin their journey. The goal is to complete their tour of 550 miles before the other players. Higher mileage cards can be played after using a freeway card to travel faster. Beware of obstacle cards! Players can use cards such as "accident" and "speed limit" to slow down their opponents. The first one to 550 miles wins!

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