Tile Up Board Game

Manufacturer: Distributed by MaxiAids

Create shapes with your tiles and earn points!
  • 2-4 players
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Comes with 114 stackable number tiles, 27 goal cards, and 4 player screens

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Length: 10.70 in
Width: 2.40 in
Height: 10.80 in
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Practice critical thinking skills, color matching, and counting with the game of Tile Up! This strategy game is fun and challenging, perfect for playing with friends and family alike. An illustrated instruction booklet makes the game easy to understand for everyone.
How to play: Players each receive a combination of blue, orange, and purple numbered tiles. There are goals that all players can see, as well as secret goals that players keep behind their own screens. Use your tiles to recreate the shapes pictured on your goal cards. Shapes must be made of the same uninterrupted colors. Stacked tiles must be different colors, with the top tile displaying a lower number than the tile below it. Completed shapes will be added up for points, with each tile worth one point (the tiles underneath yours count as well). The game is over when the four corners of the board are covered. Score the most points to win!