The Treasure Chest- Toys and Signs DVD

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Baby Sign Language
  • Developed by doctors, developmental experts and mothers
  • Teaches both parents and children how to sign
  • Designed for children ages 0-36 months
  • Includes more than 35 ASL signs
  • Approximately 30 minutes long

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Looking for a video for your child that is both engaging and educational? Then our AWARD-WINNING video, The Treasure Chest: Toys and Signs, is for you

Children of all ages will be delighted by this magical journey of discovery. Join us as we lead you and your child to a treasure trove of toys, play, songs, and signs. The visually engaging images in this video present families with endless opportunities to make meaningful connections with their little ones.

Developed by Drs. Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert, two child development experts and mothers of young signing children, The Treasure Chest is designed to engage and inspire your children, time after time. The video will also benefit parents directly: at the end there is a segment that will not only help parents get started using signs for early communication and learning, but will also provide research-proven, Signing Smart strategies to make signing a natural part of your everyday interactions with your child.

Designed for children ages 0-36 months. Running time is approximately 30 minutes. Includes more than 35 ASL signs

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