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The Emergency Caller

Gets Help Fast!

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  • Telephone Connection - Plugs directly into phone line. Tone or Pulse. Universal Dial Tone Technology allows use on phone systems worldwide
  • Easy Programming Display - LCD panel is used to display programming, test, and status information
  • Battery Backup (optional) - Battery backup will keep unit fully operational for a minimum of 24 hours during power outages.
  • Listen-In Capability - Called party may listen in to voice and other sounds from caller. 2-Way Communication mode allows Called Party to respond100 ft. operating range
Peace of mind is what you will get with this wonderful product. Simply connect to a standard telephone with two jacks. Feel safe and confident while getting immediate assistance when you are in a crisis situation at home. Pull for help transmitter provided, which can be worn on the neck or kept in a pocket. Pull down on the transmitter whichcauses the unit to send a prerecorded emergency voice message (up to 20 seconds in length) three times to four different numbers. Unit provides 2 way speaker phone interaction, if you cannot get to the phone. No installation required Just plug into the telephone, program the emergency telephone numbers to dial and record voice message in any language requesting help. The Emergency Caller automatically skips to the next number when a busy signal is detected or when telephone is not answered. The Emergency Caller then keeps calling back until message is delivered or The Emergency Caller is deactivated. Battery backup for power outages. Great for seniors and people with special needs, diabetic or people who live alone. 100 ft. operating range. Covered under a 1-year mfg warranty

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