Taptilo 4.0 Braille Learning Device

Manufacturer: HIMS

Smart, Interactive Braille Education!
  • The first smart device dedicated to braille education
  • Teacher-led or self-led braille learning
  • App-based control and customization
  • Also includes more than 17 games!

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Taptilo 4.0 is transforming the way that braille is taught in schools – and at home! This smart device is innovative, customizable, fun, and completely engaging. Make learning braille fun for ALL ages with interactive audio, tactile learning of braille, and more than 17 activities and games that provide the user with positive feedback. Interactive braille learning with Taptilo 4.0 is easy and enjoyable thanks to unique removable braille blocks; just push the braille dots up or down to make your own braille and get instant feedback!
Download the Taptilo 4.0 App through the App Store or Google Play Store.
17 inches wide x 2 inches high