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Talking Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer

No Touch Thermometer Announces & Stores Readings

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  • No touch talking thermometer for hygienic, non-intrusive use
  • 3 modes to take Body/Surface/Room temperatures; choose Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees for readings
  • Up to 32 readings are stored in memory; fever alarm for temperatures over 100.4 degrees F / 38.0 degrees C
  • Backlit LCD screen easy to read in a dark room; talking function can be turned on or off
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) and also comes with soft carry bag
The Talking Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to take your temperature in just 1 second! This multi-purpose no touch thermometer offers 3 modes allowing you to quickly and accurately measure body temperature, surface temperature and room temperature. You can also conveniently switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings as well. Simply hold the infrared sensor 3 to 5 centimeters away from the surface of the skin and press the scan button. The temperature will then be announced in a loud, clear female voice and the reading will also be stored in memory (up to 32 readings can be stored). There is also a fever alarm that will alert you if the temperature registers over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 degrees Celsius.

This is the perfect talking thermometer for the blind or visually impaired, and is also an ideal hygienic solution for the whole family since there is no contact involved. You can also turn off the talking function to monitor someone's temperature during the night while they are sleeping, making this a great thermometer for caregivers as well.

Uses two AA batteries (not included) and also comes with soft carry bag. 1-year warranty.

--Non-Contact for hygienic, non-intrusive use
--3 modes to take the Body/Surface/Room temperature.
--Fever alarm will alert you to a temperature of over 38.0 degrees C
--Last 32 readings are stored in memory
--Backlit LCD screen, easy to read in a dark room.
--Temperature displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
--Small and convenient to use.
--Body mode: human body temperature measurement 32 degrees C to 42.9 degrees C (90 degrees F to 109 degrees F)
--Talking function can be turned on or off
--Screen color changes related to temperature measurement can be turned on or off

--Normal using conditions: 10 to 40 degrees C (50 to 104 degrees F) - less than 85 percent relative humidity
--Temperature Measurement Ranges: Body mode 32-42.9 degrees C (89.6-109 degrees F)
-- Temperature Measurement Ranges: Surface mode 0-60 degrees C (32-140 degrees F)
--Power: Uses two AA batteries (included)
--Size: 175 mm x 50 mm x 52 mm
-- Weight: 5.2 oz. / 148 g with batteries
--Display resolution: 0.1 degrees C (0.1 degrees F)
--Consumption: less than or equal to 300mW
--Accuracy: plus or minus 0.2-0.3 Celsius / plus or minus 0.4-0.6 Fahrenheit
--Measuring distance: 3 cm - 5 cm (1.2 in - 2.0 in)
--Automatic power off: 30 secs

--User manual
--Storage bag

--1-year warranty
great , 9/12/2018 2:40 PM
From: Connie Maddox
I brought this iedm because of batry is  easy tofind great read out easy to use I would recommend this to anyone
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