Take-n-Slide for Simple Daily Medicine Dosage Tracking -Package of 4 Strips

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Never again wonder if you took your medicine yet
  • Easy, inexpensive way to avoid missed doses and accidental double doses
  • Especially helpful for the elderly and multiple-prescription takers
  • Simply attach to medicine bottle and slide tab over after dose is taken
  • 4 tabs per strip, labelled in Braille for the Visually Impaired
  • Great for prescriptions, vitamins, even pet medicines

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You're in the middle of a typically busy day and you are staring at the medicine bottle with a confused, frustrated, even panicky feeling. You are trying to remember if you took your medicine. You don't want to miss a dose, but even worse, you don't want to take a double dose. Take-n-Slide provides a simple, effective and economical solution to help assure patients that they have taken their prescribed dosage of medication.

Here's how it works:

Each strip has 4 tabs, or slides, in a vertical row, that can be slid left or right into either of 2 positions. As an added bonus for the visually impaired, the slides on each strip are marked in raised Braille letters A, B, C and D for added clarification.
Attach a strip to your medicine bottle with the self-adhesive backing. Start the day with all tabs to the left side. Each time you take a dose, simply slide one tab to the right-hand position. With this easy system you can determine at a quick glance how many doses you've taken that day and eliminate any confusion, missed doses or double-doses.
The next day, just start over by sliding all tabs back into the left position.
This system also eliminates another common problem often encountered by people who use other pill organizers and reminders to manage their doses. The problem is that once pills are transferred out of their original prescription bottle, valuable information printed on the bottle is lost and there is the potential that the pills will be incorrectly identified or confused with other medications, a potentially dangerous situation.

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