TADI Talking Voice Organizer - French

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

The Ultimate Talking Personal Organizer
  • Talking calculator, clock, notepad, diary, phone dialer, address book, reminders and tutorials
  • More than 900 phonebook contacts
  • Stores five hours of digital recording
  • QWERTY keypad
  • Optional password protection and 2.5 earphone for privacy

SKU: 301011
Length: 5.88 in
Width: 0.50 in
Height: 3.75 in
Our Price: $269.95
Availability: Temporarily out of stock but available for order
Talking Calculator. Talking Clock. Talking Notepad. Talking Diary. Talking Phone Dialer. Talking Address Book. Talking Reminders. Talking Tutorials. More than 900 phonebook contacts. Storage Capacity - 5 hours digital recording. Alphanumeric QWERTY keypad with raised guided points for sight free data entry. Voiced feedback in French for every action. Easy to program - easy to use. One touch for - Direct access to name, phone number, message record/playback, searching, recording, listening, copy, paste and speech. Portable, pocket size. Down/up loading of language, data and software versions. Password options for privacy. Adjustable volume and contrast. 2.5 earphone jack for private listening. Alert for low battery. Uses 3 AAA batteries or power supply (power adapter included). Unit measures 5-3/4 x 3-1/2 x 1/2 inch. Speaks French

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