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WheelchairsA sense of independence is crucial to having a prosperous well-being, which is why it is essential that people with physical ailments and disabilities need to remain as self-reliant as possible. Wheelchairs are the #1 product that provides mobility to the immobile, and we can assure you that the need of self-sufficiency & living independently is always met with the use of any of our Wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories.

Whether you wish to travel to the doctor, supermarket, pharmacy, movie theatre, church, shopping...you name it, here at MaxiAids we offer a multiplicity of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories that will help you be and stay on the go at your own pace. With the use of one our wheelchairs, you'll have the confidence you need to move freely as you please with sheer ease.

What to expect from our selections of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories?

  • Wheelchairs that are designed to fit into small, tight spaces that will allow you to move within your home easily giving you more freedom to maneuver comfortably
  • An excellent variety of wheelchairs, including electric or powered wheelchairs
  • Ultra lightweight wheelchairs which ensures maximum manageability when traveling or accessing public wheelchair ramps
  • Sport wheelchairs to support your social and active lifestyle


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Standard Wheelchairs

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Wheelchair Accessories

Our wheelchair accessories are must-haves that can only enhance your daily travel routines and adventures. These items are praised as being paramount tools for claiming back entertainment, self-esteem and enjoyment to those are immobile or have difficulty standing or walking for a long period of time.

A few of our wheelchair accessories include:

  • Portable wheelchair ramps that provides you with the freedom of having your own convenient access
  • Wheelchair umbrellas and holders
  • Bowling ramps for wheelchair users
  • Anti-tipper wheels for wheelchairs
  • Bowling ball pushers for wheelchair users
  • Fishing pole holder for wheelchairs
  • An array of wheelchair cushions
  • Oxygen tank holders for wheelchairs

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