Talking Atomic Watches


Announces the Time and Even Sets Itself

Talking Atomic Watches – almost sounds like a title from a 1950's sci-fi movie:

"After the atom bomb wars, mutations were rampant. Not just in biological organisms, but also in mechanical devices. Even watches that contained carbon and silicon components became self-aware and began to speak. Oh, the ticking, the talking . . . oh, the humanity! This is the story of . . . The Revolt of the Talking Atomic Watches."

While none of the preceding is true, Talking Watches that are atomic do sound like the stuff of fantasy. But in reality, they actually do exist. However, they are not atomic powered. So what are they?

Talking Atomic Watches are radio-controlled timepieces that set themselves with the signal broadcast by a radio station time-synchronized with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado – hence, the term, "atomic." The NIST Atomic Clock utilizes precision measurements with cesium and hydrogen to maintain its amazing accuracy.  (Scientists define one second as the time it takes a cesium atom to move between two particular energy levels 9,192,631,770 times.)

So, while not atomic-powered, they are atomic-accurate (at least immediately after being synchronized with NIST; and if synchronized daily, they will be accurate to within less than a second), which is pretty darned cool. Talking Atomic Watches even automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

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Talking Atomic Watch Instructions

All consumer Atomic Talking Watches and Atomic Clocks, while almost universally called "atomic," are technically classified as a Radio Controlled Clock (RCC). They are essentially a quartz clock that periodically synchronizes to a real atomic clock via radio signal. But try to put that mouthful on a product box or website product title – hence, Talking Atomic Watch.

 As for "talking," well, they obviously are not sentient, do not possess artificial intelligence, and therefore cannot have a conversation with you. So they can't be a chat buddy, unless you want to do almost all the chatting yourself. However, they are able to voice-announce the time, date, and alarm status – with just the press of a button, which is kind of amazing.

Talking Atomic Watches, with their speaking function, are obviously ideal for those with Low Vision or who are blind. But their appeal is far more universal than that.

Everyone who needs prescription or reading eyeglasses will appreciate knowing the time without any fuss or bother. And while owning one won't magically give you the freedom of a Time Lord, this assistive device is a very practical bit of daily independence, a helpful companion providing a degree of self-reliance.

Available in both Analog and Digital models, in a variety of stylish shapes, sizes, and bands, these appealing and useful watches deliver both form and function.


Atomic Talking Watch Technical Notes: 

1) Global Atomic Clock radio signals are available in the USA (WWVB), United Kingdom (MSF), Germany (DCF77), and Japan (JJY). There is no Atomic Clock signal available in Australia. 

2) The atomic time-setting function and calendar will not operate in Alaska or Hawaii because the watch cannot communicate with NIST from these states. However, it may still be used in those two states – and in countries where there is no atomic signal – as a regular "manual-set" watch. These watches are not to be sold in Canada and Europe.

3) Atomic Radio Controlled timepieces cannot update in planes, trains, or automobiles. Certain physical locations can also interfere with the time-setting radio signal, such as construction sites, high-tension power lines, and skyscrapers.

Top Sellers:

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch - White 
          Face-Black Numbers-Expansion Band

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch
White Face-Black Numbers
Expansion Band

Talking Atomic Watch - Womens 
          and Kids - Expansion Band

Talking Atomic Watch
Womens and Kids
Expansion Band

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch - White 
          Face-Black Numbers-Leather Band

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch
White Face-Black Numbers
Leather Band

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