Back to School Deals 2020

Back to School Products for the Vision and Hearing Impaired

It's time for you and yours to prepare for success!

Here are the products you need to succeed at school, at home, at work – and in your daily life.

Back-to-School Time offers a good reason and a great way to get back on track.

Welcome to the store where thousands of seniors, blind, low vision, deaf, and hard of hearing people just like you shop every day because here they find the assistive devices they need to live a fulfilling life.

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Choose from a variety of low vision products; products for the blind; products for the deaf and hard of hearing; as well as assistive technology for the physically disabled. Here you'll find: Talking Calculators; Large Print Low-Vision Calendars; Talking, Jumbo Display, and Vibrating Clocks; Communication Tools and Aids; Computers and Assistive Computer Peripherals; Cushions and Supports; Braille, Beeping, and Tactile Games and Toys; Home Health Care Devices for personal grooming, hygiene, and dressing; Cooking and Kitchen Aids; Labelers and Identifiers for those with low vision; Lamps; Magnifiers; Medical Aids; Mobility Devices; Personal Listening Amplifiers; Reading and Writing Aids; Recorders and Radios; Rehab and Therapy Aids; Tactile and Braille Products; Amplified Telephones; TV Accessibility Accessories; Video CCTV Magnifiers; and Talking, Braille, and Large Face Watches.

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