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Here at MaxiAids we offer products that allow you to live actively and independently despite having any vision impairment. Our variety of item selection specifically caters to people with low vision, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and cataracts, etc., and has been designed to assist them in regaining their visual independence. We are dedicated to providing tools/devices that guarantees the maintenance of a healthy and manageable lifestyle.

Find products that will add or expand fun in your life in our Recreational-Fun store! Discover adaptive toys and accessible games like Braille monopoly, beeping balls for blind sports activities, large print BINGO cards, jumbo playing cards, Braille playing cards and Braille UNO cards, talking toys, educational tactile puzzles and games, coloring books and so much more.



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Everyday Low Vision Aids in our inventory

  • Low vision large print bibles, dictionaries, word searches, and jumbo print crosswords to name a few.
  • MaxiAids features exquisitely-crafted watches for men and women suffering from low vision. Many of our low vision watches feature big faces and bold numbers for easy viewing, with your choice of contrast to minimize eye strain.
  • We offer large-button TV remotes and other types of TV remotes that are perfect for those with visual impairment.
  • Maxi-Aids also have a range of low-vision timers with enlarged print and large digital number display for easier viewing. With an availability of both digital and analog timers.
  • We have low-vision thermometers, including ones that talk!
  • Our selection of low-vision telephones feature enlarged buttons to make dialing easier.
  • Outstanding low-vision calculators that feature easy-to-read digits, built-in printers, and even talk!
  • Get high-quality education eye charts for whether for home or office use.
  • Our arrays of lighting products are ideal aids for those with low vision. Choose from our selection of magnifiers, floor standing lamps, and many other lighting tools including therapeutic.

You need it, we have it; from talking bathroom scales, low-vision clocks, identification and mobility canes & tips, to assistive tools such as braille tape measures, talking tape measures, visually impaired telephones, low vision pens, low vision calculators, EZ Grabbers, and much more.

Let us meet all your low vision needs. Shop Now! 

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