SuperEar Loud and Clear Wireless Transmitter Receiver LCS110 System

Manufacturer: Sonic Technology

Hear what you've been missing
  • Ideal solution for hard of hearing users to watch TV without disturbing others
  • Tourists can provide the transmitter and microphone to their tour guide and listen to the presentation
  • Provides crystal-clear, wireless sound amplification from up to 150 feet away
  • Perfect sound amplification solution for home, school, lectures, seminars, travel, tours, and more
  • An invaluable assistive aid for hard of hearing users in hospitals and long-term care facilities

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The new SuperEar Loud and Clear FM Rechargeable Wireless Auditory Assistance System is ideal to assist hard of hearing users at home, school, and while traveling.

Tourists and television viewers are among those for whom the new SuperEar Loud and Clear Model LCS110 System was designed. Television viewers can simply plug in the transmitter to a TV audio-out or speaker-out plug to wirelessly listen on their receivers without disturbing others. Tourists can provide the transmitter and microphone to their tour guide and listen to the presentation from up to 150 feet away, without crowding to hear.

Connect the transmitter to your electronic devices to listen on the wireless receiver to television and other audio sources, such as computers, iPad tablets, iPod MP3 players, smartphones, etc. Hear lectures, worship services, or seminars from a distance with crystal-clear stereo sound. The SuperEar is also ideal for the hard of hearing in hospitals or long-term care facilities.

There are three pre-set FM frequencies (72.2, 72.8, and 75.8 MHz) to provide the best wireless reception. The transmitter and receiver each operate on 2 rechargeable AA batteries to provide over 11 hours of operating time per charge or 110V AC household current.

SuperEar Model LCS110 Complete System includes:
1 - Transmitter
1 - Receiver
1 - Recharging Wall Plug
2 - USB Charging Cables
4 - AA Rechargeable Batteries
1 - Pair of Over-the-Ear Earbuds
2 - Belt Clips
1 - Clip-on Microphone
1 - Auxiliary Cable (3.5mm Jack) for television, computer, iPad, and more

Note: Additional receivers may be added to the system for multiple listeners
3-Year Limited Warranty

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