Strategy Tactile Wooden Game

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Capture your opponent’s pegs and win
  • Blind-accessible game with tactile pieces
  • Get 3 pegs in a row and remove opponent’s peg
  • First player with only 2 pegs left loses
  • All wooden game with smooth stained finish
  • Measures 5.125” square x 1.625” high

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The object of Strategy is to place three pegs of your color in a continuous line while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Each time you get three in a row, you remove one of your opponent's pegs from the board. The first player with only two pegs left loses. For two players.

Pegs are color-coded (nine each of two colors) and half have tactile markings on top, making the game accessible to blind players. Includes wooden game board/storage box and 18 pegs. All pieces have a smooth stained finish. Measurements: 5.125" square x 1.625" high. Weight: 7.3 oz.

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