Stick-to-Stand- Furniture Height Measuring System

Manufacturer: Maddak

Adjust Beds & Chairs to the Correct, Safe Height
  • Prevents slips, falls, and the resulting injuries
  • Ensures that adjustable furniture is set at the ideal height
  • Simple measure lower leg & follow color coded lines on stick

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The Stick-to-Stand System ensures that adjustable furniture (beds, chairs, commodes, etc.) is set at the correct height for the user reducing the risk of falls and manual handling injuries. It facilitates the sit-to-stand motion thus making individuals feel more confident when getting up or sitting down.

Studies have shown that inappropriate bed and furniture heights are contributing factors to resident falls and accidents during transfers. The Stick-to-Stand System enables you to correctly measure a person's lower leg length and then, without having to do any math, determine the correct furniture height for the individual by simply following the color coded lines on the stick.

This system helps individuals maintain transfer and mobility skills, reduces caregiver strain and reduces the risk of litigation due to transfer related falls and workmen's compensation claims.

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