Star Soccer Ball with Bells- Yellow

Manufacturer: Reizen

Audible soccer ball for play on most surfaces
  • Bells inside ball for audible tracking
  • Maximum bounce and air retention
  • Size 4 (8” diameter)
  • Designed for players ages 8-12

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The Reizen Star Soccer Ball with Bells provides lively performance and is suitable for play on most surfaces. Specially designed rust-proof, non-magnetic jingling bells on the inside allow for audible tracking of the ball. Soft polyurethane surface has a light feel.

100 percent latex bladder provides maximum bounce and twice the air retention of other match balls. 32-panel design with hand-sewn seams. Color: Yellow with black, grey, and red imprinted design. 8-inch Diameter. Official Size 4 (8" diameter) designed for players ages 8-12.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a needle with a round tip and air holes on both sides for inflation

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