Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Spring forward this month during Daylight Savings Time with Clocks for the Blind and Deaf from MaxiAids

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Spring is just about here!  When changing the clocks forward during Daylight Savings, waking up an hour later than what we are used to can be a little challenging.  For the blind and visually impaired, those with low vision, deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing, our talking clocks and clocks with vibrating bed shakers are sure to get them up in time and ready for their day.

MaxiAids offers many alarm clocks, loud alarms, talking alarms, vibrating alarms, braille clocks, clocks with bed shakers, and other varieties of clocks with multiple functions to choose from.  Whether an alarm is needed for home, travel, or a college dorm room, there's a clock out there for those with hearing impairment and sight challenges.

Reizen Talking Atomic Clock 706884

Automatically changes for Daylight Savings Time, this talking clock provides split second accurate atomic time with a full range female voice. It has an extra-long 5-minute alarm sound with beep tone and current time announcement.


MaxiAids Jumbo Display Digital Alarm Clock 703402

Helpful for those with low vision, they will love the larger, clearer red numbers, adjustable LED brightness and adjustable alarm volume.


Tel-Time Curve Talking Clock 99*U6695

Announces the time at the press of a button and has an easy to set alarm. A great low vision talking alarm clock!


Reizen 2-in-1 Combo Access 4 Alarm Reizen Bed Shaker 934040

This 4 Alarm clock is sure to wake up the deepest sleeper by flashing light, extra loud alarm, vibration or any combination.



MaxiAids Braille Travel Alarm Clock 7039201

Tactile dial with raised braille numbers is a great alarm clock for bedside and travel. This is the perfect travel alarm clock for the blind.


MaxiAids Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock 228822

Just set the alarm and choose from several built-in musical chimes and SNOOZE when needed. The clock shows the time, date, day of the week and temperature all in one screen, with a soothing blue LED backlight for easy viewing when the apple stem or any button is pressed.


MaxiAids Little Quake 09520

This is a silent vibrating alarm clock, a buzzer alarm clock, and so much more... Vibration alarm uses mild vibrations and the buzzer alarm will sound off with a buzzing sound. Ideal for the blind or deaf user.


MaxiAids specializes in products for the blind and visually impaired, blind accessories, hearing impaired, deaf, deaf-blind and those with physical challenges.  Look to MaxiAids to help meet everyday challenges with ease.

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