Speakout- Labeling System Add-on for Milestone 312

Manufacturer: Bones

Turn Your Book Reader a Voice Labeling System

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This item is a software license that allows the Milestone 312 to be used as a voice labeling system. Labels must be purchased separately.

Speakout is an integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader which can read RFID tags. You can label objects (CDs, medicines, clothes, etc.) with a variety of tags, and Speakout will identify these tags. For every tagged object simply record a voice message with whatever information you want on it. When you scan the object at a later time, Speakout will play your message allowing you to quickly and easily identify items.

Note: The hardware for Speakout is already installed inside the device. Purchasing this option will give you the software license necessary to activate this function.

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