Spare Battery for Kapten GPS

Manufacturer: Kapsys

Never Run Out of Power for Your Kapten
  • Provides more than 12 hours additional standby time
  • Includes mini-USB connection cable
  • Includes USB adaptor to connect to USB power source
  • Includes USB adaptor to connect battery to Kapten

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This light and compact battery gives you more than 12 hours of additional standby time for your Kapten GPS (thus offering 17 hours of total standby time with a fully charged Kapten.) Connectors: mini-USB input/output.

Provided with a connection cable holding a mini-USB connector to be plugged into the battery and a female connector with 2 adaptors:
- 1 male USB adaptor to connect the battery to a USB power source.
- 1 micro-USB adaptor to connect the battery to the kapten.

The battery can be recharged from a USB port or from USB wall charger.
Charge testing button (charge level indicated by LEDs). Capacity: 2000 mAh. Color: Black.

Product Measurements: 3.875"x 2.125" x .375"
Product Weight: 2.3 oz.
Weight in Original Packaging: 10.3 oz.

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