Sounds for Sleep Sound Card for Sound Oasis System

Manufacturer: Sound Oasis

Soothing mechanical sounds for sleep sound therapy
  • Sound card with 6 soothing mechanical sounds
  • Use with Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System (not included)
  • Accessory only (will not work on its own)

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The Sound Oasis Sounds for Sleep Sound Card (SC-250-04) provides a selection of soothing mechanical sounds to help promote sleep and relaxation. Simply insert the card into your Sound Oasis to enjoy these 6 additional sounds!

NOTE: This is an accessory ONLY for use with Sound Oasis Series 550 and 560 Sleep Sound Therapy Systems. Great accessory for item 600993.

Sounds included:
- Fan: Sleep to the continuous whirring sound of an electric fan without the chilling effect of the real thing
- Interior of Airplane: Lay back and snooze to the rhythmic sound of the interior of a propeller plane
- Night Train: Picture yourself on a steam engine train as it cuts through the still night lulling you to sleep with its pulsating sounds
- Air Conditioner: Doze off to the steady hum of an air conditioner
- Country Highway: Break the stillness when it's too quiet by adding the sporadic sounds of cars passing by on a country highway
- Vacuum Cleaner: This "to and fro" sound of a vacuum cleaner is a classic relaxation tool, particularly for calming infants

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