Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep illumy Sleep and Wake Mask

Manufacturer: Sound Oasis

Wake up easier and more refreshed!
  • Fall asleep to a dimming sunset, wake up easier, more refreshed with blue sky morning light
  • Entirely blocks outside light that can keep you awake or interfere with your natural melatonin flow
  • Controlled by an easy to use FREE smartphone app
  • Includes illumy mask, programming cable, charge cable, power adapter, and deluxe travel case

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Helps you fall asleep faster with gradually dimming sunset-colored lights. In the morning, illumy will automatically start illuminating blue sky light before your set alarm time so you wake up easier and more refreshed.

For stubborn insomniacs, our optional Sleep Enhancement
technology helps nudge you into sleep with pulsing lights.
These lights pulse at slower Delta frequencies consistent with sleep at bedtime and with faster Alpha frequencies consistent with waking in the morning. Powered by an included rechargeable battery.

Due To Health Restrictions, This Product Is Non-Returnable!

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