Sound Oasis Advanced Sleep Sound Therapy System

Manufacturer: Sound Oasis

Sleep better, feel better, live better!
  • Includes sounds from Dr. Lee Bartel, world-renowned sleep expert
  • 24 made-for-sleep sounds to lull you to sleep
  • Expandable sounds via replacement cards or download

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Unsurpassed Sound & Features:

—24 made for sleep sounds including sounds from
world-renowned Dr. Bartel
—Change sounds with a new sound card or download new sounds from Sound Oasis
—Improved sound quality
—Alarm clock (backlit) - wake to sound or new pleasant chimes
—Patented Sleep Enhancement technology helps lull users to sleep
—4 position timer - 30, 60, 90 min. + continuous with gentle off
—Pause/resume automatically replays same sound session
—Headphone/sleep pillow jack
—AC adapter (included) or battery (not included)

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