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Sorin Portable Voice Amplification System

You’ve Never Heard Power and Clarity Like This!

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  • Ideal for tour guides, teachers and trainers
  • Amplify and clarify your presentations
  • Lightweight and portable - use it anywhere
  • Long battery life - 10 hours under normal use
  • Compatible with neckloops and MP3 players
Be heard loud and clear… without having to shout Experience the superior power and sound clarity of the Sorin Portable Voice Amplification System. It's the perfect tool for tour guides, teachers, professors, trainers or anyone who may need to communicate to a group. The Sorin allows the user to project their voice without having to strain. Your entire audience, and especially those who may have difficulty hearing, will also appreciate the sound quality the Sorin delivers.

It couldn't be easier to use… the speaker simply talks into one of the 2 supplied microphones -- either the handheld or one worn on the head with the comfortable ear hook. Their voice is picked up and amplified through a compact, lightweight speaker that may be worn around the neck or attached to a belt clip, creating a complete hands-free amplification system. The adjustable volume control lets the speaker choose an ideal level to suit changing presentation environments -- from classrooms to conference rooms to lecture halls -- allowing them to project their voice with minimal effort.

The user may also plug an MP3 player into the speaker using the included 3.5mm cable, giving them the flexibility to enhance their presentation with pre-recorded music or spoken material. Tour guides may also use this feature to supplement their live commentary with appropriate background music. As for battery life, the Sorin can operate in excess of 10 hours at a time using its rechargeable lithium batteries.

Additional features and benefits include… an alert function which allows the user to signal for help with a loud 124dB siren, much like the sound of a smoke alarm, that may be activated by firmly pressing one of two buttons. This feature can be particularly helpful for the wheelchair bound or those with other mobility concerns. The Sorin may also be used by the hard of hearing in conjunction with a neckloop to provide a sound boost, or may be plugged into any telephone equipped with a 3.5mm jack to transform it into a powerful speakerphone.

The Sorin Portable Voice Amplification System comes complete with all of the necessary accessories to ensure that your presentations are heard and that you are comfortable in delivering them. Included are: 2 microphones (a handheld and a head-worn); a speaker; rechargeable batteries with power charger; cables; belt clips, straps, etc… and even a case to carry them in

Dimensions: 3.25 W x 5.4 H x 1.02 D
Weight: 9.7 oz (with battery)
Color: Black with silver sides
Battery Type: 7.4 V, rechargeable, 1800 mAHr Lithium ion
Battery Life: 10 hours typical (at normal listen level)
Current drain: 1.5 amps (at nominal listen level), 2.5 amps maximum
Battery Charger: Type: Switcher, input 110 to 220 VAC at 50 to 60 Hz., output 9 VDC at 1.5 amps with a 2.5 mm DC plug
Charge time: 2 hours (typical)
Performance: Frequency response: 200 to 10 kHz
(Volume at maximum, at 3 from speaker)
Hum and Noise: less than 62 dB SPL
Distortion: less than 2.8% total harmonic distortion
Gain: (HF Ave full on gain at 60dB in): Handheld microphone: 15.0 dB. Head worn microphone: 21.0 dB
SPL Output: (Max SSPL90) Handheld microphone: 110.9 dB SPL. Head worn microphone: 119.6 dB SPL
Alert SPL Output: (maximum) 124 dB SPL

ON/OFF pushbutton switch on top bezel
Alert/ Siren: two push buttons on top bezel activates different siren tones
LEDs on front of unit indicate, ON/OFF and low battery

Handheld microphone with built-in ON/OFF switch and rotary volume control.
Cable is 38 long with a USB plug
Head worn microphone (noise canceling) with inline ON/OFF switch and rotary volume
control. Cable is 40 long with a USB plug.
Auxiliary input cable, 50 long, with a 2.5 mm plug on each end
Zippered carry case, belt clip, stand clip, carry pouch, belt strap, shoulder strap
Microphone extension cable
Approvals: WEEE
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor. (90 days on accessories.)

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