Sonic Boom Extension Cord

Manufacturer: Sonic Alert

Free Your Alarm Clock!
  • Fifteen feet of extra cord for your vibrator
  • Set clock up to fifteen feet away from your bed
  • Extra cord allows more setup choices
  • For use with bunk beds or hard-to-wake individuals
  • Works with Sonic Boom's white pillow vibrator

Length: 15.00 in
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This Sonic Boom Extension Cord for Sonic Boom alarm clock and pillow vibrators offers a new freedom for where you place your clock. Now you can extend the vibrator cord of all Sonic Boom alarm clocks up to 15 feet with the Sonic Boom Extension Cord. This will allow for a total of 22 feet including existing vibrator cord. Great for bunk beds or for those hard-to-wake up individuals with hearing impairment, it allows placement of alarm clock far enough away to force you to get out of be to turn it off. Only for use with Sonic Boom's white pillow vibrator.

Product dimensions (imperial): 15 inch L
Product dimensions (metric): 381.00 mm L

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