Manufacturer Sonic Alert
Length 3.75 in
Width 2.50 in
Height 1.25 in

Sonic Alert Universal Sound Signaler

Easy to use!!!

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The universal sound signaler, model USS 360, is a signaler that can alert you to any important sound - telephone, kitchen timer, baby, and etc. This alerting system has a line cord, so you are able to place the unit close to the sound it will be monitoring, reducing false signals. The USS360 alerting device comes with a sleek modern case, works great for kitchen timers. It will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged in to its Pluglet (Plug-outlet). There is an outlet on the back to plug in a lamp to flash during the selected sound. The sleek modern case has a lamp on/off button to allow the lamp to be used for general lighting as well as signaling. There is also an adjustable sensitivity control so only a sound at your preset level will activate the unit. The USS 360 sends a signal to all Sonic Alert remote Receivers.

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