Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker Pink Camo Travel Alarm Clock SBP100C

Manufacturer: Sonic Alert

Bed shaker portable vibrating alarm clock
  • Built-in Sonic Shaker bed vibrator
  • Extra-loud 90 dB alarm
  • Easy-to-read 0.75-in. display
  • One-year Sonic Alert Warranty

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Weight: 10.00 lb
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The Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker Pink Camo Travel Alarm Clock SBP100C has a built-in bed-shaking vibrator and a loud 90 dB alarm. The time display folds down flush against its housing for use under your pillow or on your bed. The pillow strap tethers the Sonic Shaker to keep it on the bed.

The Sonic Alert Shaker Pretty in Pink Alarm Clock is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but packs a pretty big wake-up punch! Sleep well knowing you'll wake up on time, even when you're on the road.

Small, light-weight, self-contained, and battery-operated, this is a travel alarm that you can count on. It comes complete with batteries, pillow strap and clasp, and a protective travel case.

— 90 dB extra-loud alarm
— Sonic Shaker bed vibrating
— Pop-up display with convenience light (manually lighted display up to 50 percent longer battery life)
— Test button to test batteries, vibrator, and sound operation
— Easy-to-set function keys
— Easy-to-read 0.75-in. display
— Continuous four-minute Snooze setting
— Swivel and flush-mounted display protects settings
— One-year Sonic Alert Warranty
Display Digital
Features Time and Alarm
Type Vibrating

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