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Snow 7 HD Handheld Video Magnifier 2.2x-16x

See More Text/Images Clearly on the Widescreen LCD

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  • Magnifies 2.2x-16x on 7-in. widescreen
  • 12 hi-contrast color viewing modes
  • Close-up & distance viewing (2.56 in. to 16.5 ft.)
  • Up to 5 hrs. use (on 4-5 hours charge time)
  • Measures 7.7 x 5.5 x 1.00 in.; Weighs only 16.93 oz.
Read books, newspapers and magazines, follow recipes in a cookbook, review utility bills and other mail, and see a restaurant menu clearly and easily! The Snow 7 HD is a Handheld Video Magnifier that allows you to view text and pictures enlarged from 2.2x-16x in your choice of 12 viewing modes, including hi-contrast color combinations and full color.

With the 7-inch widescreen display you can view more words and parts of an image per screen than most portable CCTVs. Its built-in folding reading stand enables users to find the most comfortable angle for longer reading and writing tasks such as reading books, filling out forms or doing homework.

The Zoomax Snow 7 HD video magnifier allows users to capture text and images in real time for closer review, and its simple controls provide both up-close and distance viewing.

A handy reading aid (and writing aid) for the visually impaired, the Snow 7 HD will serve you well not only at home, but being compact and weighing less than 17 oz., it's also the perfect portable high-definition CCTV video magnifier to take along with you to more easily see bus and train schedules, product labels in stores and the menus at your favorite restaurants.

Easy to Use with 5 Buttons:
The 5 classic high contrast black and white buttons are functionally intuitive for you to start reading quickly and easily. The buttons are:

Zoom in ("+" icon)
Zoom out ("-" icon)
Change color mode (triangle in square icon)
Capture image (camera icon)
See far/close (flower & mountain icon)

See More of What You're Reading:
The 7-in. widescreen allows you to see more of the text or image you are viewing on the screen while reading or writing. With the adjustable tilt screen, you can choose the ideal viewing angle, helping you read more comfortable for longer periods of time than you ever imagined. No more concerns about neck or eye strain - just pure reading pleasure. Also there's enough space under the camera to use a pen, so the Snow 7 HD also makes a great writing aid.

Crisp Image Quality:
The auto-focus HD camera of the Snow 7 HD assures the user a crisp, clear real-time image, even while moving or changing magnification continuously from 2.2x to 16x. There are also 12 selectable color modes to further enhance the image and improve readability, especially for those with age related macular degeneration.

The Ultimate in Portability:
Because of only 16.93 ounce and small book size, you can use Snow 7 HD to enjoy reading quietly at home, do your homework at school or even go shopping with it in your handbag. It is a good assistant you have.

- High definition image
- Continuous magnification
- Favorite color modes
- Real-time image capture
- See far or close by switching one button
- Lightest weight among 7-inch handheld video magnifiers
- Save last used settings after power off (ex. color mode, magnification, sound, etc.)
- Power Save: Conserves energy by automatically shutting it off after 3 minutes non-use
- Includes custom protective bag

- Auto-focus camera
- Magnification Range: 2.2x to 16x
- 7-inch TFT screen
- 12 viewing modes (full color; gray scale; white on black; black on white; blue on yellow; yellow on blue; yellow on black; black on yellow; white on blue; blue on white; green on black; and black on green)
- Viewing Distance: 2.56 inches to nearly 16.5 feet (6.5 to 500cm)
- Approximate 5 hours continuous use (on 4-5 hours charge time)
- Rechargeable Li battery
- Foldable reading stand
- Supports PAL/NTSC, connects to TV
- Certificates: CE; FCC; RoHS
- Two Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Unit (One Year on Battery)

Dimensions (approx.): 7.7 in. x 5.5 in. x 1.00 in. (19.5 x 13.95 x 2.5cm)
Weight (with battery): 16.93 ounces (480g)
Type Portable
Features High Definition (HD)

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