Smart Phone Bed Shaker

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Includes Bed Vibrator, Power Cube, Shaker Module
  • Wake up energized!
  • Connects to your smart phone to shake you up and wake you out of bed!
  • Download alarm clock application for simple pairing to your smart phone or tablet
  • App controls alarm, timer and clock functions
  • Ideal for hard of hearing and hard to wake

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Energize your morning with this 12-Volt Bed Vibrator and Wireless Shaker Module with power cube that connects to your smart phone. Just download alarm clock application and simply pair to your smart phone or tablet. App controls alarm, timer and clock functions.

AlarmDock Wireless Speaker application set up: For Android, go to the Google Play Store, for iPhone go to the iTunes App store, type AlarmDock into the application search field, then search for AlarmDock by Silent Call Communications. Ideal to combine with the AlarmDock Wireless Docking Station with speaker for an extra loud alarm!

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