Simplicity Inline Electronic Magnifier 19in. Color Flatscreen- DEMO

Manufacturer: SeeMore

Read and view photographs with ease
  • Magnifies print from 4x to 60x
  • Positive, reverse, and full-color modes
  • 19-color flatscreen monitor
  • Space-saving inline design

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Condition: Showroom Display Demo Model— Lightly Used- Excellent Condition

The See-More Simplicity Inline Electronic Magnification System enlarges type or any copy between 4x and 60x, allowing you to adjust it to fit your unique needs. Easily read magazines or your favorite author again and enjoy seeing family photographs more clearly than ever

See-More Simplicity Reading Systems offer a crisp image with virtually no lag or bloom. Positive, reverse (negative) modes show print in your choice of black on white or white on black for easier, clearer viewing by those with low vision. Inline models feature a space-saving design with the monitor directly above the table where reading material is placed. Black and White. 19 flatscreen monitor. Large print manual included.

All of our electronic magnifying systems (CCTV's) come with a 100-percent 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty along with our promise to repair or replace damaged goods. Large print instructions included.

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