Legacy Silent Call Vibra Call Receiver

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Always be alerted!
  • Wireless alerting system for the deaf-blind
  • Receives a signal from any silent call transmitter sold separately
  • Has the capability to add on to the system to be alerted to many household devices
  • Receiver operates on 1 9v rechargeable battery included
  • 5yr mfg warranty

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The Vibra Call is a wireless system.The Lightweight unit is worn next to the body in order to feel the vibration and is either attached with built-in clip or placed in pocket. Transmitter sends signal to the unit - you then push all four of the buttons in order. Only the activated button will make the receiver vibrate a second time. Rechargeable 9 volt battery included. Must purchase separate charging unit to charge 9v battery such as the bat charger, stand alone charger or the sleep alert charger.5 Year Mfg Warranty.

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