Legacy Silent Call Transmatter

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Always be alerted!
  • Sends signal to any silent call receiver
  • Activated by stepping on the mat
  • Do not secure mat with metal objects as it will cause interference
  • Great for home,school dorms,institutions and more
  • transmitter5 yr manufacturer warranty/mat 90 day warranty

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The transmatter is a pressure activated transmitter that is activated by stepping on the mat.Place transmatter in any room by bed, door or any place you want to be alerted when someone is leaving a room, getting out of the bed , walking out the front door or even entering a room. May be used in nursing homes,group homes,hospitals, residential homes ,loud businesses and even your own home.You can even be alerted to someone who is in a wheelchair leaving or entering a room. Up to 100ft operating range.Mat has a 90 day mfg warranty and the transmitter 5 yr mfg warranty.Do not secure mat with metal objects as it will cause interference.For indoor use only and may be placed under carpets, area rugs and even use as a decorative doormat. Must be used with Silent Call Omni Vibrating Pager or Sidekick Receiver w/Vibrator. (sold Separately)

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