Silent Call Signature Series Fire Safety Kit

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Get Visual & Vibrating Alerts of Fires
  • Strobe & pillow vibrator alert you of fire
  • Can also be used to detect alarm clock, oven timer, etc.
  • Transmitters send signal to Sidekick Receiver with Strobe
  • Includes smoke detector, receiver & vibrator
  • Includes all necessary power supplies and batteries

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418 MHz Deluxe Kit combines four Silent Call Signature Series products: a Smoke Detector with Transmitter, a Sidekick II Receiver with Backup Battery, and a Pillow Vibrator. It provides both visual and vibrating alerts in case of a fire, and can also be used to notify you of other household sounds such as a door buzzer, an alarm clock, an oven timer, etc.

Why you want it:
Of course, you always want to protect your home and your valuables. And more importantly, your top priority and responsibility is keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and secure.

When it comes to home safety, one of the first steps people take is installing a smoke detector. But most common smoke alarms have an audible signal only, which may not always be heard quickly enough - or at all - by deep sleepers, the deaf or hearing impaired, or seniors who may be experiencing some degree of hearing loss.

If a fire does occur, a delay of only a minute, or even mere seconds, in reacting can literally mean the difference between life and death.

With the Signature Series Kit you get peace of mind knowing that you'll be alerted immediately with a bright visual strobe and strong vibration if a fire should ever occur - day or night!

Kit includes the following 4 components:
1. Silent Call Signature Series Sidekick II Receiver with Backup Battery (921405):
- Detects incoming signals from Signature Series transmitters (smoke alarm & sound monitor)
- Alerts by flashing bright 100 Candela strobe light and activating bed vibrator
- Unique indicator lights and symbols for each transmitter for easy differentiation
- Supervision of up to 3 smoke detectors (one detector included in kit)
- Built-in Alarm Clock
- Vibrator Output: 12V (to connect included Silent Call vibrator)
- Range: Up to 2,000 feet, depending on conditions
- AC-powered with battery backup included
- Direct plug in for telephone notification (phone and telephone transmitter sold separately)

2. Silent Call Pillow Vibrator w-Pin Jack (SC-VIT053195):
- For use with the included Sidekick II Signature Series Receiver
- Delivers a strong, reliable vibrating alert to supplement the Sidekick's visual alert
- Provides continual 24-hour notification at night while you are sleeping
- Connects to receiver's 12V output

3. Silent Call Signature Series Smoke Detector with Transmitter (921407):
- Protects your home and family 24-7 in case of a fire
- Sends a wireless signal to the Sidekick II Receiver if smoke is detected
- Transmits through doors and walls
- Range: Up to 2,000 feet, depending on conditions
- Easy to install and battery powered, so there's no wiring to deal with
- Requires one 3-volt Lithium battery (included)

- Add additional Silent Call Signature Series transmitters to expand your kit
- All components come with a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty

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