Legacy Silent Call Sidekick II Receiver

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Be Alerted to Visitors, Calls and Emergencies
  • Distinctive LEDs for each alert type
  • Works with all silent call 318 MHz transmitters
  • Increased range up to 500 feet
  • Built-in Alarm Clock
  • 5-year mfr warranty

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The Sidekick II receiver is a tabletop AC-operated alerting device, used in conjunction with any Silent Call 318 MHz transmitter. The Silent Call Sidekick II alerting system features a bright strobe and the front indicator panel alerts you quickly to visitors, calls and emergencies. The bright 100-candela strobe light and distinctive LED's are activated and a digital icon is displayed indicating which transmitter sent the signal.

Since the Smoke Sensor and Fire Alarm transmitters transmit as long as the condition is present, the Sidekick II will remain in alarm as long as the smoke and fire is present. AC Adapter included. 5-yr mfg. warranty. Note: An optional battery back-up is available for purchase separately to ensure protection in case of a power outage.

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