Legacy Silent Call Good Vibrations Personal Receiver

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Always be alerted!
  • Wireless receiver that receives signals from silent call transmitters
  • Attaches easily to the belt,waistband of your pants,slacks etc. w/ the clip provided
  • Led lights up to indicate which transmitter function set off the signal
  • Receiver operates on 1 9v rechargeable battery included
  • Has the capability to add on more transmitters and receivers to build up your alert system

SKU: SC1097-1
Length: 3.75 in
Width: 2.50 in
Height: 1.00 in
List Price:: $127.95
Our Price: $123.95
You Save: $4.00 (3%)
Availability: Item is no longer available
The good vibration is a wireless receiver.This unit receives signals from various transmitters which, in turn, causes a vibration and turns on a light below the symbol to let you know which transmitter is sending the signal. You can monitor any or all of following devices the doorbell,telephone,smoke detector,sound monitor personal pager, fire alarm transmitter and door/window access transmitter. Receiver works on 1 9 v rechargeable battery included. Need to purchase separately a bat chgr,stand alone charger or the sleep alert charger to charge 9v battery.5 Year MFG Warranty.

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