Signing Time Vol. 3 - Everyday Signs -VHS

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See What Your Child Has To Say

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Research shows that babies can communicate with signs long before they are able to speak. Children have fun and become smarter while learning a second language Validating what their parents have long experienced first-hand, singing children have fewer tantrums, higher IQ scores and larger vocabularies. By combining signing children and infants, delightful animation and music, and an adult to model each sign, Signing Time is sure to captivate pre-verbal infants and toddlers, as well as preschool-aged children while reinforcing these beginning signs. Watch, enjoy and learn as Alex, Leah and all their friends share 32 everyday signs. This award winning video will teach your family the signs that you need every day. Sign language made fun for the whole family. You won't be able to resist trying your hands at the Silly Pizza Song Some of the signs include: Hungry, Apple, Cookie, Cereal, Banana, Bread, Cheese, Cracker, Ice cream, Candy, Help, Full...and many more For Ages 0-5 years old. Running time: 30 minutes (VHS)

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