Signing Time Flash Card Set 6- My Favorite Things

Manufacturer: Signing Time

Makes Learning Sign Language Fun & Easy
  • Signs for colors, fruits, veggies, activities & more
  • Companion to Vol. 5 DVD and Board Book 5
  • Contains 29 cards measuring 4” x 6”
  • Plastic D-ring included to keep cards together

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It's Signing Time, ANY time, with American Sign Language Flash Card Sets! Flash Card Set 6: My Favorite Things makes it easy and fun for you and your child to learn and practice the ASL signs for fruits, vegetables, colors of the rainbow, and activities, and gets your child ready for reading. Each colorful card shows your child:
- a photo of Rachel making an ASL sign
- a written description of how to make the sign for extra clarity
- an illustration representing the word - watch for Hopkins the frog here!
- the printed word in large, easy-to-read print for beginning readers
- the word used in a sentence for more advanced readers

How to Use the Flash Cards
- Insert the yellow D-ring through the hole at the top of each card to keep them together
- Clip the cards to your diaper bag or purse so you're ready for signing fun wherever you are
- Review the signs after watching Volume 6 DVD or reading Board Book 6
- Play the game listed on the first card, or create your own!

Additional ideas:
- Organize the cards alphabetically, by border color, or by Signing Time friend
- Post the cards to label objects in your home
- Slip the cards into a 4x6 photo album for easy reference
- Share the cards with your child's other caregivers

In Flash Card Set 6: My Favorite Things, Rachel, Alex, Leah, and their frog Hopkins teach ASL signs for fruits, vegetables, colors of the rainbow, and activities. This is a companion set to Volume 6 DVD and Board Book 6 and contains 29 4x6-inch cards printed on heavy UV-coated card stock, a non-toxic plastic D-ring, bonus Signing Time collector card and directions for a fun flash card game.

NOTE: Flash cards are intended for use only with close adult supervision. They are not toys.

ASL Signs introduced in Flash Card Set 6: My Favorite Things:

colors - red - orange - yellow - green - blue - purple - rainbow - fruit - strawberry - pear - peach - grapes - watermelon - vegetable - carrot - corn - lettuce - bean - potato - walk - run - sit - swing - dance - sing - jump – swim

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