Sign With Me -VHS

Manufacturer: Step By Step

Communicate even BEFORE your baby can talk
  • Recommended by Pediatricians
  • Promotes Intelligence
  • Reduces Frustration
  • Must for every parent of an infant or toddler
  • Recommended for Ages 0 to 3 years of ages

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Why wait until your child can speak when you can communicate through nonverbal gestures, or signs? Research shows signing enables a child to be active communicator at a much earlier age. By teaching your child sign language as well as spoken words, they are able to communicate with the world around them more quickly. While watching this fun, interactive video, your child will explore the world of sign language; learning how to sign simple words from another child. As he or she discovers signing, puppets and other playful children will also delight them. A parental guide follows for parents to learn and tech a child how to sign basic words such as more, help me and finished. Start communicating wih your child early on with the help of this video. Signing with your infant is an opportunity to strengthen the parent-child bond.

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