Sign Fine - Vacations Computer CD-Rom

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

An ASL Vocabulary-Expanding Experience
  • Fun and educational
  • 14 different travel locations
  • 550 video illustrations
  • 3 great games

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Did you ever go on vacation and not know the signs or English words for things you saw or experienced? Join Paws, the signing dog, as he goes to 14 different travel destinations. Just click on any of the items in the picture to see a video of Paws signing the vocabulary word and an English word equivalent. This CD-Rom software for Windows has over 550 American Sign Language videos that illustrate signs and three fun games to play. Includes an installation guide. Requires Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Pentium III, 600 MHZ (or equivalent), CD-Rom Drive and 90 MB of hard drive space.

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