Show Me Spelling Software- Five CDs

Manufacturer: Attainment Company

Helps struggling readers succeed at spelling
  • Functional spelling for low-level readers
  • 600 spelling words with corresponding speech and pictures
  • Appropriate for any age and a wide range of abilities
  • Includes instruction and quiz modes
  • Windows XP and higher; Mac OSX PowerPC and Intel

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Save money on multiple copies with this discounted set of five Show Me Spelling Software CDs.

Show Me Spelling allows even the struggling reader the opportunity to succeed at spelling. All 600 spelling words have corresponding speech with pictures. Appropriate for any age and a wide range of ability levels. Includes instruction and quiz modes.

In the instruction mode, create a spelling list by selecting words from our word bank, or choose from dozens of preselected lists. You can adjust the program difficulty by offering students helpful spelling hints, like showing the next letter. Students who are still stumped can choose the "Show Me" option. Here, a short animated movie presents the correct spelling. Incorrect responses don't appear so students can't give wrong answers, allowing for extended independent work by those with limited spelling skills. You can select an option that plays a "celebration" movie when a student spells a word correctly.

Quiz mode lets you implement a pre and post-test strategy to evaluate student progress. Easily save students' word lists and quiz scores. Students spell by using the standard keyboard or on-screen alphabet.

Windows XP and higher, Mac OSX PowerPC and Intel, touchscreen, single switch, and IntelliKeys compatible. (IntelliKeys Overlay sold separately.)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Non-Returnable Item.