Seven-Day Vitamin Pack

Manufacturer: MEDport

  • Seven compartments can be used for days of the week or for herbs or vitamins
  • Each compartment holds 25 tablets; total capacity 175 tablets
  • Label fits into the top of the lid for identification of contents
  • Snaps securely closed

SKU: 150572
Length: 6.50 in
Width: 2.50 in
Height: 1.25 in
List Price:: $4.50
Our Price: $3.59
You Save: $0.91 (22%)
Availability: Item is no longer available
Save time and avoid mix-ups by organizing yourself for the week. This pack has 7 compartments, with individual lids, for the days of the week. Can also be used to organize and store different varieties of herbs or vitamins. Labels fit into the top of the lid for clear and easy identification of contents. Snaps securely closed.

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